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Latest Job Openings

We are seeking candidates especially for the following locations:

Positions have the potential to start anytime on an as-needed basis, but most positions begin with the new school year in April.

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You may contact us at for any additional information.

Latest Job Openings

NEW!!  ALTs needed for 2017!

We are seeking candidates who would like to work as assistant language teachers in Japanese public schools between from April 2017, although interested candidates ready earlier may be able to start before this as a substitute or replacement.

Positions will be available throughout eastern Japan with most being in the Greater Tokyo Area.

The position is open to native English speakers for the most part, but there is some need for native speakers of other langauges (although these candidates should also be fluent in English). Candidates should have a working visa allowing teaching and be living in an area convenient to the school, or be available for sponsorship. We would be able to assist in visa sponsorship renewals if necessary. Teaching experience, especially as an independent teacher, would be a preference.

We are especially interested to receive applications from those who are already working in Japan now and wish to continue as an ALT, but are open to consider even candidates for whom this would be an introduction to English teaching.

Please understand that due to the expected volume of applicants that we could only be able to contact those who pass a strict screening process.

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You may contact us at for any additional information.

Heart English School is seeking new foreign staff members. The world economy has currently made finding a job difficult almost everywhere, especially for new college graduates. However, the demand for native English teachers in Japan has remained fairly stable. The primary positions offered by Heart are Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) and English Teacher. The two major responsibilities of these positions are to provide excellent quality English lessons and to facilitate the internationalization of Japanese students. Some key characteristics of each position are listed below (or click Job Description for more details).

School staff needed immediately for English school!click

"From the lively cities, to the majestic countryside, come and meet with interesting people while helping to internationalize the next generation."
-Justin Busick (Naka Hitachi, Omiya Cities)


Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

  1. Teach in Japanese kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, or high schools.
  2. Hours are not demanding (average from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).
  3. Ample vacation time in spring, summer, and winter.
  4. Can have fun with the students and even join clubs (kendo, judo, art, etc.).
  5. Essentially learn and experience Japanese culture while getting paid!!
  6. As a foreigner, you are usually the most interesting person and often become a "star" within your school(s).

Conversation School and Company English Teacher

Latest Job Openings

NEW! English teachers wanted!

- Mito, Ibaraki (part-time evening classes and company lessons)

Requirements: Native English level, valid working visa, residing in commuting distance to Mito, Japan.

Please email us at:

Heart English School Heart Class

  1. Teach in-house, private English conversations classes at Heart English School.
  2. Could also teach lessons at various companies when requested.
  3. Part-time hours available Monday through Saturday.



International Staff Assistants (IA)

For people with Japanese fluency (N2) and a desire to live in Japan for an extended period of time, Heart also has a program that helps transition Heart employees into a Japanese company, which usually offers more opportunities and money in the long term. All applicants and inquiries should be sent to

International Staff Assistants(IA) Professionals in every field

School staff needed immediately for English school!!

We are seeking candidates to be staff in our main office in Mito, Ibaraki. The position would involve working in our conversation school section, with the ability to greet and assist students, coordinate teachers, and perform the office work needed to assure that daily lessons go smoothly.

Any nationality is invited to be considered, but strong ability in both Japanese and English is needed. (English should be strong enough to have the ability to teach it; Japanese should be strong enough to handle fluent phone correspondence with students.) Candidates with strong Chinese, Korean, or other language skills are especially welcomed, as are candidates with experience in a conversation school environment.

The position would be from noon to 9PM with an hour break, 5 days a week from Tuesday to Saturday, with occasional Mondays required as well.

For more information or to apply, please directly contact:


Qualified applicants will get a prompt reply from our recruitment section, and will be notified of an employment offer within 10 days after going through the neccessary hiring process.

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The ALT Voice

Aileen Fujita
(Koshigaya City, Saitama)

"I was very nervous and anxious at first. To be honest, it wasn't easy until I got used to it. But as I continued teaching and spending time with students, I started to like the ALT job. The best moment was when they wrote me messages on the last day saying that they enjoyed the English class. I really grew as a person after a year of teaching."

Brent Harrison
(Kisarazu, Chiba)

"Being an ALT is not just about teaching English to the children but also making a fun and positive atomsphere where they can enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. After a year of teaching at an elementary school nothing was more rewarding than when a couple of students said to me, ‘Before your class we hated English. Now we love it.’"

Morena Carcamo
(Arakawa, Tokyo)

"The most memorable part of being an ALT is the children. I am an ALT in two elementary schools and absolutely have a great time teaching. They have such high energy and have fun learning through games, songs and chants. The teachers are also eager to learn sometimes."